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SMIL 1.0 Synchronized Multimedia Tutorial

This example and code are as seen in the September 1998 issue of WebTechniques magazine . The article, together with the code and examples linked below should offer an introduction to many of the features of SMIL, as well as a few specific features of RealPlayer - RealPix and RealText. 

"What I did last summer..."

SMIL offers the ability to stream audio, video, text, pictures, and other media assets. This presentation is an example of using these multiple media types to stream high-quality multimedia over low-bandwidth connections.

This presentation, entitled "What I did last summer...", takes just under 3 minutes to view. It describes the Canyonlands National Park region of Utah using video, audio, photos, and animation. It is viewable over a 28.8 modem connection...but barely. If you've got a full 26-28kbps, it should be fine, but if you're getting less than that, you may have minor glitches If you have any problems playing it, please feel free to let me know. The presentation will adjust to faster connections automatically, scaling audio and video quality up to take advantage of the greater bandwidth.

What I did last summer... Streaming presentation ©1998 Larry Bouthillier
WebTechniques Article , September 1998
Source code listing
Full source code and media archive (6MB .zip format) ©1998 Larry Bouthillier

You may download and modify this source code for learning purposes. You may also link to this presentation directly using the URL http://video.hbs.edu/playVideo.jhtml?clip=webtech
PLEASE, if you do this, send me an email letting me know, and provide an author credit and link to this site on your page.

Getting the SMIL Player -- To view the demos on this page, you need the free RealPlayer from RealNetworks (versions G2, 7, or 8 are required to play SMIL content). Look for the RealPlayer Basic link at the lower left of the page to get the free version.