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Streaming and Digital Media Technology Consultation
Let our years of experience with streaming media, content management systems, and multimedia development give you a leg up on your project.  Whether you're deploying streaming media to your entire corporation, developing training modules for your employees, or rolling out a streaming media product or service to your customers, eMedia can help you be successful.

  • Technology evaluations
    Let us review your product or service for market relevance, technical suitability. or process efficiency.  Our unique blend of experience with enterprise deployments and technology development can work for you to help you streamline your strategy, pinpoint your marketing, and refine your technology strategy.  Our technology evaluation reports have helped investors evaluate the technology of prospective "fundees".  We've helped technology vendors position their products for maximum market impact.  We can help you, too!

  • Architecture and Deployment Strategies
    Sometimes you'd simply like a "reality check" on your streaming media deployment plans.  Or you may want a partner in designing a complete media delivery solution.  Maybe you need a distributed system with proxies and caches; or a cost-effective deployment plan for media player software that your desktop support staff can live with. At every level of deployment strategy, eMedia can help you create the infrastructure that will let you get your media message out to your customers.

  • Content strategy
    Generate content that works by tapping eMedia's years of experience with creating eLearning and enterprise communications materials.  Effective content authoring, design and production can make the difference between a streaming video that collects dust in the recesses of your network, and a rich media presentation with impact that resonates with your customers.  Streaming media offers capabilities for teaching and interacting with your customers - perks that the technology enables and that can't be done without it.  We can help you identify and take advantage of the unique benefits that come with delivering your content via streaming media.

Workshops and Seminars
Larry Bouthillier is available to speak at your conference, training event, or workshop on streaming media technology and content strategies.

Whether it's eLearning content development; building a sustainable streaming media production capacity; streaming media programming in SMIL, Javascript or Java; or technology deployment strategies; Larry can inform, excite, and "make productive" your staff or your customers with a workshop or class designed specifically for your needs.  With examples from educational, corporate and consumer streaming media, Larry can show you how to create and deliver effective streaming media content.  See the Workshops & Seminars page for a sampling of past speaking engagements.

Strategic and Technical Writing
Your business can benefit from our direct and informative technical writing.  Our writing services can inform, excite and motivate your staff and your customers - whether it's tutorials, white papers, or product documentation. With writing that teaches and informs in clear, accessible (and sometimes lighthearted) language, we can help you reach your audience.   Larry Bouthillier's articles have appeared in our client's marketing materials, as well as in Web Techniques magazine, Streaming Media magazine, streamingmedia.com, and the new Streaming Media Master's Series Tutorials.

Technical Architecture Design and Programming
A small investment in software development can often pay for itself over and over again.  We'll develop tools that can give you the means to a smooth and scalable streaming operation.  We can develop scripts for streamlining and automating your content development process, programs for monitoring the health of your servers and streams, or systems for managing your content.  We'll help you to create content with impact, taking full advantage of the capabilities of today's streaming media platforms.