Kaltura API Testing

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By Larry B, January 6, 2010

A test of the WordPress Kaltura Plugin. Interesting how they’ve implemented this. I love the idea, and the design of the API.

Interesting, too, that my first upload, an h.264/AAC Quicktime file (.mov) will not work. Kaltura lets me upload the file, name it, and insert into the page. At that point, what you see here is what there is.  No error message, no indication of what’s wrong. Just no video.

[kaltura-widget wid=”” width=”400″ height=”290″ addpermission=”” editpermission=”” /]

With a little more digging, it appears to be an issue with the Kaltura WordPress plugin rather than the Kaltura server-side app. I can log in to the Kaltura Management Console and play the video there, but the EMBED statement Kaltura plugged into this page is lacking some necessary parameters. I has worked in the past….so it’ll take some investigation to see what’s broken, exactly.

[ADDITION: 2.26.2010]

OK…so it turns out not to be a Kaltura problem at all. The problem was the WYSIWYG editor in WordPress itself. When Kaltura inserts the video player tag into the blog entry editor, it does so in raw HTML mode, and it does so correctly.  Problem is that if you happen to switch back to WYSIWYG, the editor clobbers the video tag Kaltura inserted, clearing out a bunch of important tag attributes. Mystery solved. Kaltura is not at fault!