SlideSync/SlideScroller Example Page

By Larry B, April 2, 2010
This is a working example of SlideSync and SlideScroller in action. Full documentation and source code download of SlideSync and SlideScroller are on this site. You may use the plugins by embedding them right from Longtail Video's pages, following the directions on their SlideSync and SlideScroller pages.
Flash player will render here

Original Video Source: Horowitz in Moscow, via YouTube

HMTL Source for this example:

<div id="slidesyncdemo">Flash player will render here</div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/jwplugin/swfobject.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    var so = new SWFObject('/jwplugin/mediaplayer-5-viral/player-viral.swf','flashDiv',680,450,'9');
    so.addVariable("screencolor", "#FFFFFF");


9 Responses to “SlideSync/SlideScroller Example Page”

  1. Adam says:

    Hi there Larry,

    this is a great, much needed SlideSync plugin so thank you for your excellent work on it! I’m pretty new to working with flash/javascript and was wondering if it’s possible to position the Slides in a ‘div’ somehow, rather than to the left or right of the video? Do you think that would be an easy task for me to accomplish ?


    • Larry B says:

      What you suggest is not possible with this version of the plugin, but it can be done using Javascript listeners in the Web page to trigger the slides to load in HTML rather than in Flash. I’ve been thinking of writing a JS library that would do that…it would make the entire UI available for CSS styling and layout. Check back in a few weeks…

  2. rebekah says:

    Larry, I’m very interested in your idea about the CSS styling of this plugin. How’s it coming along? Any plans for the commercial version with white labeling?

    • Larry B says:

      I do plan to do a CSS-style version, probably this fall. It’ll use jQuery syntax to configure and display everything in HTML/JS rather than Flash.

  3. speedcat says:

    Is it true that SlideScroller size is limited to 150?
    Also, is it true that SlideScroller only can position at the bottom? This disables SlideScroller for full screen mode, no? As the SlideScroller would need to have a position of “over” in order to remain on top during full screen?

  4. Tony Ko says:

    Hi Larry:
    Is it possible that I play youtube video by modifying the example code: so.addVariable(“file”,”traumerei-piano.mp4″) into
    code such as so.addVariable(“file”,”″) and play with your slidesync and slidescroller plugins smoothly.