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New Hosting Provider – So Far, Excellence

By Larry B, May 18, 2010

There’s few things as delightful as being surprised by outstanding customer service and perfect execution of something difficult. Specifically, I’ve been wanting to move my website to a new hosting provider for a while now. My old host was becoming increasingly unreliable, particularly with respect to email. But the pain of switching hosts creates a powerful inertia – it’s easier, for a while, to deal with the problems than it is to move everything. I have a WordPress installation, MovableType, several busy email accounts using IMAP, a few databases, etc. I just didn’t have the time to deal with it.

GreenGeeks logoWhich leads to my experience with GreenGeeks hosting. I found them doing the usual Googling around and reading reviews. I liked the price. I liked the green idea of buying wind credits to offset power use (although how much of that represents a real net effect on the environment, I have no idea. It, at least, feels like doing something good.) I loved the idea that they will do your site migration for you.

I had absolutely no expectation that they would be able to migrate everything. I expected to spend some hours/days tweaking this and that to get it all up and running as on my original host. But just moving the files across and setting up users, etc….that’s helpful, anyway, right?

Well, it was perfect. There were a few emails as they asked questions and came to understand my environment, and then two days later I get an email that says “It’s ready.” And darned if it wasn’t. WordPress, MovableType, all my symlinks and apache config, all the email accounts with all the content intact. My migration effort consisted of updating my domain registrar’s DNS record. Period.

I can’t say much yet about reliability of the service (although it’s been 100% so far!), but I can say that the migration service and the general customer service I’ve received in my three days on GreenGeeks hosting has been outstanding. AFter starting to write this post I realized that they have an affiliate program, so yes, I signed up and these are affiliate links. But that was an afterthought. My enthusiasm for the service, and my delight at how easy it was to switch, is genuine.