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January 28, 2006

Announcing learningAPI.com - Renaming this site

Today is the long-overdue update of this site's domain name from emediacommunications.biz to learningAPI.com. learningAPI.com is slightly catchier, I think...although from emediacommunications.biz there was nowhere to go but up!  If you link to here, please update your links to point to the new domain..  

Why learningAPI.com?  To a programmer, an API is the set of interfaces that allow software components to interact and work together to exchange and process information.  learningAPI is targeted at those of us working at the intersection of technology and learning.  The industry has seen digital media technology, content management, search and contextual analysis, and "Web 2.0" technologies converge into the broader, connected areas of "knowledge management" and "instructional technology".  

My work in teaching and learning with technology brings me contact - and hands-on time - with all of these technology topics.  learningAPI.com will continue to cover some of  what's interesting and cool where media & technology meets knowledge & learning.

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