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February 02, 2005

New Online Community of Practice and E-Conference

Democracies Online Newswire has just launched a public forum for folks involved with multimedia technologies in the service of the public interest.  From their site:
Join our new online exchange, Webcasting and Multimedia in the Public Sector, dedicated to sharing experiences, ideas, and "how-to" knowledge among those leading the way (or catching up) with public sector webcasting. It is sponsored by the UK Local E- democracy National Project which is funded by the UK Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.
As a Wiki site, it's still a little lean on content, although there are placeholder pages for some great upcoming content  (for example, the Enhanced Webcasting Specification and the page with links comparing webcasting format options).  But it does have some cool links already, such as: 

In short, the Minnesota House of Representatives provides contextual links and content within a special window that includes the video. While it is built on top of the database driven legislative document system, it illustrates how any local council might connect a content management system with public meeting documents (agendas, handouts, etc.) with both their live and archived video streaming.

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