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March 04, 2004

VCRs for streaming media

This week's entry on streamingmedia.com - a review of two products for recording streams - VCRs for Streaming.  This may be a controversial topic, as evidenced by RealNetworks'  lawsuit against StreamBox. That was settled out of court in September 2000 when StreamBox backed off and killed its "Ripper" and "VCR" products.  Neither of the companies in the article responded to requests to be interviewed for this article.  Keeping a low profile, I guess.

Still, if recording off the radio is legal, and my home VCR and PVR are legal, then there's no reason for stream recorders to be anything less.  These two utilities are rough around the edges, but they get the job done. 

Streaming media is a great way to receive multimedia over the Internet. But it doesn't help you much when you're on a plane, in traffic, or sitting in your ice-fishing hut in Minnesota. There's help available - StreamDown and SDP are utilities that can record streaming media programs, letting you watch or listen at your convenience.

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