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March 02, 2004

Why you'll love using Mozilla to surf the Web

For many users, after cruising the Web with a recent version of Mozilla, the geriatric Internet Explorer 6 feels like an oil-burning heap in the slow lane.  Here are fifteen powerful reasons people who try Mozilla won't ever go back to using IE. 
  1. Tabbed browsing - open multiple web pages in "tabs" along the top of the browser window. Switch back and forth between them at will.
  2. Want to open a link in a new tab and have it load in the background while you continue to read? Just hold the control key as you click the link to open it in a new tab. 
  3. Or, drag a link up to a tab to open it in the background. These features are incredible for scanning thru Google search results - pages load in the background in other tabs while you continue to scan the search results page for other goodies.
  4. Got a bunch of tabs open to pages that all relate to one topic? Bookmark the whole group of tabs as one Favorite.  Open it later and all your pages open in tabs, just as you had them.
  5. Configurable popup filtering built-in.
  6. Ability to deny pages the right to hide the status bar, raise or lower windows, resize windows, and more.
  7. The Form Manager - at your command, it remembers any data you enter in web forms. Next time you visit a page with a form, it remembers what  you filled in last time.  Or pick from a picklist of all the values you've ever entered for that form field. Just double-click on the field to enter the default value. 
  8. The best GoogleBar in the business.
  9. A Javascript console with detailed script error messages and expression evaluation.  There's also a full Javascript debugger - no kidding.  If you develop Javascript, this thing is indispensable.
  10. Editable "View Source" with syntax highlighting. Plus, you can select a portion of a Web page and select "View Selection Source" to view just that portion of the Web page code. 
  11. Right-click from a framed page and select Open Frame in New Window or Open Frame in New Tab.
  12. Want to find a link in a large or cluttered page? Just start to type the link text and Mozilla will find-as-you-type and select the link. Press Enter to click the link - no mouse required. Ever look for the "Yellow Pages" link on Yahoo?  With this feature, you don't have to find it, just type "yellow" and press Enter.
  13. Want to find text in a page? Just hit "/" and then type the text you want to find. 
  14. Just press control+ or control- to change the font size in a page you're viewing.
  15. Composer - a really terrific simple Web page editor with advanced features, WebDAV support, and automatic ftp publishing.
And more....blazing speed, the DOM browser, the Sidebar with dozens of pluggable components, XPI plugin installers, the cookie manager, image manager...  Try it, you'll like it!  Mozilla.org

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