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February 11, 2004

Screen recording for fun and profit

For producing streaming media demos and training materials, as well as traditional MS Powerpoint/OpenOffice Impress-style slideshows, there's nothing as elegant and simple as screen recording technology.  Using special lossless codecs, you can get a perfect reproduction of your computer screen (or a portion of it) in less than 40kbps, less than 8kbps if it's as simple as just flipping among slides.   In two pieces on streamingmedia.com, I take a look first at Screen Recording technology in general, along with a brief overview of TechSmith's Camtasia and follow up with a review of OPTx's Screenwatch

In a nutshell, these are two tools that do more-or-less the same thing, but for very different kinds of users.  Camtasia is a great tool for the individual creator doing one-offs, while Screenwatch is an industrial-strength product for creating a scalable process in educational institutions and enterprises.

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