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February 12, 2004

DRM turns computers against their owners

I haven't had my new iPod long enough to have found all the limitations imposed by Apple's Digital Rights/Restrictions Management scheme, except for one - it's a read-only device.  Once a music file's been copied onto it, I can't copy it form the iPod to any other device.  I can only delete it. 

Hey, I work for a major content-producing entity, so I'm not in favor of people violating legal and reasonable copyright claims.  It's the unreasonable (and those counter to legal precedent) ones I have a problem with.  About DRM in general, my discomfort can be summed up in this quote from Annalee Newitz's great piece in the San Francisco Bay Guardian about DRM and the entertainment industry:

"DRM turns computers against their owners. I don't want a Disney security guard sitting in my living room watching my every move." -- Ian Clarke

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