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January 20, 2004

Mozilla can play WindowsMedia via ActiveX!

Netscape and Mozilla appear to support the WindowsMedia Player ActiveX control!  When Microsoft stopped providing a plugin for Windows Media (which is required for use of any browser except for Internet Explorer), anyone using Windows Media and wanting to support all Web users had to code their pages and encode their media for the last plugin available - version 6.4. It's an ever more important issue these days, since users are switching to the Mozilla browser in droves. Thankfully, the Mozilla developers have taken steps to do what Microsoft would not - make Windows Media work for people who've discovered that there's a better alternative to IE. According to this helpful document on Netscape's DevEdge site:

Netscape 7.1 will work with both the Windows Media Player 6.4 ActiveX control as well as versions 7 through 9. This article explains how to embed the Windows Media Player ActiveX control in web pages to support Netscape 7.1, how to control the Windows Media Player ActiveX control using JavaScript and provides working examples.

Thanks to Steve Mack for pointing this out on the StreamingMedia.com Advanced discussion list

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