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December 12, 2003

Video streaming for the rest of us

Jon Udell writes in Infoworld about this experience with setting up his own personal webcasting station in no time.  It's this kind of thing that makes ad-hoc personal publishing of video possible.   While Jon points to how easy it was to set up, he also notes in his Weblog that it's still too geeky for anyone and everyone to publish and use video. 

My son made a Lego animation over the weekend, I converted it to all three streaming formats, and then I had to write up a whole page of instructions so that friends and family could view it. Even then, although I could view the streams in all three players on both Windows and Mac, the success rate reported back to me was only about 50%. It's like your worst cross-browser nightmare on steroids.

Regarding using start and end times to deep-link into a video file, Jon notes the difficulty of finding good information on the Web.  Part of the reason for that might be that, for some reason, Google is still not indexing the articles in streamingmedia.com.  I'll have to ask my search engine expert friend, Jill Whalen, about that. But in the meantime, here are three pieces on streamingmedia metafiles, with info on how to deep-link into the middle of a video with start and end times.

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