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November 04, 2003

Watermarking Video with SMIL

My latest piece on streamingmedia.com is a tutorial on how to use SMIL to overlay an interactive watermark to your streaming video.  SMIL's interactive features allow neat tricks like having the watermark logo "light up" when you mouse over it and sending users to your website when they click on it.  You can look at an example SMIL streaming video watermark presentation here.

Anyway, it turns out that in a small number of cases on Windows, the logo does not appear correctly - it flashes on and off periodically according to some cues in the video display refresh code.  The solution to this lies in the video hardware accelearation settings of the RealPlayer.  Sliding the "video card compatibility"  control on the Hardware Preferences tab one notch toward "more reliable" does the trick.  Interestingly, that solved some other video funky-ness I was having on the same machine, too.

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Larry -

This is Bill Elliott from Oklahoma State University.

It was great to find your weblog this weekend - which I found through the Virage website.

You may hear from Marty Crossland one of OSU's great young MIS professors. He is using Video Communicator and has several other faculty members interested.

Hope to have you come to Stillwater and Tulsa some day soon. We now have our new President and CIO. Both are terrific - both are committed to streaming media / asynchronous offerings, etc.

Thanks for your wonderful writing - you are certainly one of the leaders I look to in our profession.

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