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August 19, 2003

ASX Code Example

This isn't really a Blog entry. It's a easy way to post the source code to the examples in part two of my streamingmedia.com tutorial on streaming metafiles. This week's example is an .asx file. The working example and media can be downloaded here.(690kB ZIP file)
The code listing: <asx version = "3.0"> <title>Backyard outtakes</title> <abstract>Outtakes of a lazy backyard day</abstract> <banner href="banner.gif"> <abstract>Click here to see this asx source code</abstract> <moreinfo href="http://www.emediacommunications.biz/blog" /> </banner> <entry> <title>Swingin' on a hammock</title> <abstract>Watching the wildlife float by</abstract> <ref href = "hammock_150k.wmv" /> <duration value="00:00:10.0" /> </entry> <entry> <title>Ducks and geese</title> <abstract>Goin' for a swim</abstract> <!-- This banner will display only during this clip --> <banner href="greybanner.gif"> <abstract>Click on this grayscale banner to see the source code</abstract> <moreinfo href="http://www.emediacommunications.biz/blog" /> </banner> <ref href = "ducksgeese_150k.wmv" /> </entry> <entry> <!-- Since there's no banner element here, the default banner (from line 3) will display again --> <!-- Since there's no TITLE element here, the title encoded into the video file will display --> <ref href = "ducksgeese2_150k.wmv" /> </entry> </asx>
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I was wondering if you could touch on the subject of ASX files on Macs and why they sometimes don't play when linked to on on a website (via http). It has to do with WMP 9 for Mac not supporting HTTP 1.1 and only supporting 1.0 so if you link to an ASX file on a site that uses Named Header Resolution then the file won't play. But if you link to the file using the ip address then it'll work.

i.e. the difference between http://www.mystreamingstuffblah.com/stream.asx or

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