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July 16, 2003

Happy Birthday to SMIL!

The SMIL language just had its 5th birthday!  On June 15, 1998 SMIL 1.0 became a W3C recommendation.  I have fond memories of that, since it was the SMIL tutorial article, Synchronized Multimedia On The Web, that was my first published article.  If you haven't seen the example presentation, What I did Last Summer..., you should take a look some of the neat tricks SMIL (even the old 1.0) makes possible.  But with respect to SMIL's birthday, Philip Hoschka from the W3C pointed out a few notable notes:
Of these, I think the MPEG4/XMT connection is perhaps the most important for the continued growth and influence of SMIL in the communications industry.

Some cool SMIL 2.0 examples can be found at the French National Research Institute INRIA's site.  INRIA also is the source of the LimSee2 SMIL authoring tool.  I've been meaning to give that a try...

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Yes please check out LimSee 2, we are looking
for expert testers. This is an initial implementation but quite advanced. The application
will be also released as open source soon.

Nabil Layaida,

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