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June 17, 2003

A community video blog

While perusing the excellent DV for Teachers site by Tim Merritt, I came across his reference to  Demand Media's video blog, which, like many blogs, seems to blur the lines between personal and commercial publishing.  They describe their site this way:

This is a community video portal site based on the Scoop engine. The general idea is you see a cool video somewhere on the web and submit it to the moderation queue. Other users watch it and then provide feedback that determines its placement on the site.

What does this mean to personal video publishers?  In their FAQ, they go on to say:

A lot of the best content on the web is produced by independents that are hungry to have their stuff watched but can't buy ad space on Yahoo or don't aren't backed by a movie studio marketing campaign. Unfortunately its scattered across many sites making it very hard to find. Hopefully, this site will give indies' work more exposure and make it easier for netizens to find the great stuff they produce by allowing them to collaboratively pick what interests them.

As a viewer, I haven't found anything compelling to watch here, but I find the idea intriguing. Is volume the only missing ingredient?
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