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About Us: LearningAPI.com

 Larry Bouthillier is the person behind learningAPI.com, a digital media technology and eLearning information resource.  

Larry Bouthillier Bio Pic Larry is the Director of Educational Technologies and Multimedia Development at Harvard Business School, leading an interdisciplinary team that provides the tools, infrastructure and production expertise for supporting and enhancing learning through innovative technology.  Currently, he also heads research and development for advanced simulation and communication technologies at HBS' learning and collaborative technology lab.  

A pioneer in the use and management of streaming media, Larry has been a contributing editor to StreamingMedia.com. He has served as a member of the technical advisory board for Context Media, recently acquired by Oracle.  In 2004, he was named one of the Digital Media 100, the industry's "top leaders, influencers, and innovators" by Digital Media Magazine. 

Larry works with leading companies researching and authoring white papers, articles and tutorials for publication. He travels world-wide as a teacher and consultant on the effective use and deployment of digital media and is a sought-after speaker on the subject of digital media strategies for corporate and educational environments.

Larry frequently teaches, writes and consults on topics related to creating and managing dynamic multimedia content. He holds a C.A.S. in software engineering from Harvard University and a B.A. from the University of Rhode Island.

 (Read Larry's Harvard Business School bio on the Information Technology @HBS website).