HTML5/Flash Video Player Comparison

By Larry B, July 21, 2011

screengrabHere’s a nice one-stop-shop for comparing HTML5-capable video players: VideoSWS, (where SWS apparently means, “See What Sucks”).

The chart provides a rough view of player capabilities. but clicking the names of each player brings you to a working example of the player. Not extensive analysis of each, but great for a quick survey of what’s out there for embeddable players.

Thanks are due to Philip Bräunlich and Gerrit van Aaken for creating this!

2 Responses to “HTML5/Flash Video Player Comparison”

  1. Joel Unickow says:

    Hey Larry ! The link seems to go to a German Blog. I’d like to get a copy of this chart if possible, can’t seem to find it there.