Adobe FMLE – Why Doesn’t “Save To Disk” Seem to Work?

By Larry B, October 1, 2010

The biggest obstacle I’ve had with live Flash Media encoding with Adobe Flash Live Media Encoder 3.1 is the inability to reliably save a version of the encoded file to disk. It’s actually a huge operational problem that we can’t count on archiving a recording at the encoder!

It seems a fairly common case that you’d want to archive a copy, and post it to an on-demand server as soon as the live event is done. But my attempts to do that with FMLE have not been successful.

FMLE saves a .f4v version of the encoding. It’s a chunked file format that needs to be converted to .mp4 to be useful for anything else. Using the free f4vpp tool from Adobe, we should be able to do this conversion and get on with our lives. In practice, the conversion seems to result in either .mp4 files with no audio, or .mp4 files with horrendously out-of-sync audio.

A quick Web search doesn’t turn up too many people complaining about the same thing, so I wonder if there’s something obvious I’m missing. Has anyone else had any success with converting FMLE’s .f4v files to something useful?