Dipping into Live Mobile Streaming

By Larry B, May 18, 2010

For an upcoming university commencement, I’ve been looking into doing live streaming in H.264/Flash, as well as http streaming to Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod devices (herein referred to as iP* devices) and rtsp streaming to Droids and Blackberrys. It’s been an experience piecing it all together, and I’ll be writing about some of the surprises and pitfalls as we figure out how to best do it.

In a nutshell, we’re using Limelight Networks’ Flash Media Server 3.5 for delivery to browsers on PCs and Macs. For mobile streaming, I provisioned and started up an instance of Wowza on Amazon EC2. One stream in (or several, for multiple bitrate support) via RTMP, and Wowza delivers in all the right formats – whether it’s chunked HTTP (Apple devices), RTSP (Droids and Blackberrys), or RTMP (Flash).  Setting that up involved an awful lot of moving parts, but half a day later, it was up and running and has been flawless in testing. We’ve been streaming multiple bitrates (100kbps, 500kbps, 900kbps) from Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder on a PC, as well as from Telestream Wirecast on a Mac.

We’ve developed a page that uses the JW Player (Flash) as the default, and falls back to HTML5 if it’s an iP* device, or provides an rtsp:// link if it’s a Droid or a Blackberry. Yes…Flash is the default for all browsers that will allow it, as it provides a uniform experience for all users, and a single thing to worry about from a user-support perspective.

What’s been interesting to me is how quickly it all went together. In a couple of days, starting with no deep mobile experience, we’ve provisioned infrastructure in the cloud, configured it, and are up and running with live Flash and mobile streaming for short money. More details to follow in the coming days…

2 Responses to “Dipping into Live Mobile Streaming”

  1. Urmi says:

    Liked the way you have described all your activities in the past few days.Considering the time that went into it,i must say you were very efficient in your endeavor.Thanks for all the links that you have provided over here.Live mobile streaming is something that is very new and therefore i found it all very intriguing.Thanks a lot for your updates.

  2. Leo Haskin says:

    Hey Larry, thank you – this is very timely for us at HBP!
    We are just now beginning to explore possibilities for delivering video (and to mobile devices). So good to hear that it may not be too difficult!