Dynamic Streaming Follow-Up (& Improvements)

By Larry B, April 8, 2010
My Dynamic Streaming article on streamingmedia.com generated some follow-up over at Longtail Video, home of the JW FLV Player.  In an email exchange, JW himself, Jeroen Wijering, explained how the JW was handling stream switching, and that in response to my test results, they'd made some changes for the next release (5.2).  You will find excerpts of the ensuing email discussion in the comment section of the article page, appearing shortly.  In that discussion, Jereon offers a terrific explanation of how it works, and confirms two of the rules of thumb I deduced in my testing:
  1. Encode with a fixed keyframe interval, ideally every 2 seconds or so
  2. Use a bufferlength about 2x the keyframe interval
To quote Jeroen:
Herein lies the tradeoff to be made for dynamic streaming. Higher bufferlengths decrease the likelihood of playback stuttering, but slow down any responses to screensize / bandwidth increases. Hence the rules of thumb for short keyframe intervals and "2x keyframe" bufferlengths.
I've updated the Dynamic Streaming example page to load a build of the player that contains the fix. My testing shows that it performs beautifully - on par with the 1080p player at switching both up and down, with seamless playback during the switch.  This will be part of the next release of JW Player, 5.2, now scheduled for around the end of May.

I haven't had any communication from anyone involved with Flowplayer. Their dynamic streaming implementation as tested for this article (bandwidth-check plugin 3.1.3) remains not really useful for during-playback streaming, although it was fine a selecting the correct stream at startup.

2 Responses to “Dynamic Streaming Follow-Up (& Improvements)”

  1. Gands says:

    It’s great to know that the JW Player 5.2 is all set for release in May. The player has already grabbed the attraction of a good number of people (including me) with its stunning features. So it is expected that the launch of the 5.2 version will be welcomed by all, Thanks for the post.

  2. Furh says:

    The JW FLV Player 5.2 is about to launch by the end of May. The FLV lovers are excited for the release of the higher version. It is expected that this version of the player will provide a solution to the buffering problem as reported in the earlier version. Thanks.